Why Choose Queen Mary?

Queen Mary aims to not only create a fun and engaging learning environment, but also provide students with a good academic foundation to succeed in Cambridge exams (YLE Starters, Flyers, Movers, KET, PET, FCE, and CAE) and international exams (IELTS or TOEFL, and/or TOEIC), as well as speaking in an international study environment.

Our courses are well designed. The structured plans and formats are focused on attaining the objective of imparting required knowledge and skills to the students. Our books, digital materials and lectures are so interactive that students really enjoy the courses. The course plan and it’s proper application motivate and lead the students, as well as business professionals, to achieve their goal.

Our teachers are 100% native English speakers who are extraordinary at what they do. The are some of the most patient, enthusiastic and energetic people. Our students will learn all the courses with having native teachers which is a great benefit to improve your English accent.

Our classrooms are designed with modern technology and associated facilities, which bring an ideal place for kids, teens and adults to learn in a global standard study environment.

We believe that Vietnamese teacher assistants are the bridge between native teachers and local students. We can assure that our students are learning and understanding each lesson during their classes.

We love for kids to have fun learning at our center. To create the best fun learning environment for them, our teachers and assistants cooperate each class to get students to expose the language in the most natural way via the use of teaching aids, interesting games, and songs in classrooms.

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Benefits of Our Courses

  • Improving pronunciation in a smarter way and maximizing certainty of the 4 English skills – we have standard methodologies to improve your pronunciation skills and provide maximum certainty of improving the 4 English skills (speaking, listening, writing, and reading)
  • Learn English with 100% native teachers – our teachers are 100% native English speakers, bringing an ideal environment for your kids and children to learn English with native teachers.
  • Free Speaking club for all levels of students and professionals in Bao Loc – we are offering free speaking club activities to all students and professionals in Bao Loc. However, it is mandatory for our registered students to join this club at least once a week.
  • Affordable course fees – our English courses are not only beneficial for your further development, but are also significantly lower than other English learning centers
  • Fully integrated with Cambridge exams and international exams – all our young and adult learner’s classes are fully integrated with Cambridge exams (YLE Starters, Flyers, Movers, KET, PET, FCE, etc.) and IELTS or TOEFL
  • Giving you right amount of attention – we listen what our student’s guardians want and we give our students right amount of attention, including consulting when required
  • Improve English in a short period of time – we have standard methodologies and guidance on each course to evaluate each students’ performance and improvement. We believe that students at our center will improve their English skills in just a short period of time
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